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Day(s): Monday-Friday
Hours: 7:30-5:00pm

Price(s): If you sign up before April 30th you will receive $25 off each week
$100.00 a week
(2 Kids)-$125.00 a week
(3 Kids)-$130.00 a week
(4 or more)-$140.00 a week

Kidz I.N.K

We will be open: June 7th-August 6th 

We will be closed: July 5th 

Summer Membership Application

Summer Investment

Due to COVID field trips will be limited!

June 7 “Count Me IN”

-Focusing on building skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, order of operations, etc
-Math Game Day

June 14 “Beyond STEM Week”
-Science Fair
-Let’s Experiment & In the Lab with Mr. Val
-Science Center

June 21 “Community Service”
-Pick Up Columbia
-Service Project

June 28 “The World Around Us”
-Nature Walks
-Survival of the Fittest

July 6 “Read 4 Your Life”

-Spelling Bee
-Most Books Read
-Word Bingo

July 12 “Spirit Week”
-Water Fight
-Cookout at COSMO
-Talent Show
-Fashion Show

July 19 “Little Investors”
-Owning a home
-How to pay the bills
-Little Entrepreneurs

July 26 “Health is Wealth”
-Where does your food come from?
-Foods that heal
-Kidz Fit Challenge

August 2 “Show of Excellence”

-Field Day Fun
-Movie Day
-Awards Ceremony

Summer Program Schedule