I.N.K News

After School Program
August 29th-May 19th

Days Open when CPS is closed: 
September 21st
October 10th
November 7-8, 18, & 23rd January 3, 16, & 24th February 17th & 20th March 3rd & 15th
April 12th
May 10th  

Days were CLOSED:
November 24 & 25 th December 22-30 th January 2 nd
March 27th -31st
May 22nd -26th
June 19th
July 3rd & 4th

Scavenger Spelling

It's our job to make sure they have every opportunity to be great!

Fun is what WE DO

Balloon Tennis

It Takes a Village

Mentors are how WE WIN

Fall Party

Thank you to all of our donors who helped make this possible!

Keep the Kidz in Shape

Self Care is the Best Care

Expressing ourselves through ART

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